Chorizo Mini Bászka

Vegan Grill Chorizo Mini Bászka

//  WEIGHT: 180 g (10db)


Water, wheat gluten, cerealwheat flour, sunflower oil, salt, spices, natural aroma, thickener: corn starch, methyl cellulose


Store refrigerated at 0-5 ° C. Consume within 5 days of opening!

Proposal preparation:

Unpack the chorizo mini bászka, fry it on a little vegetable fat, then eat it with main dishes according to your taste, or with mustard and ketchup.

Our product is vegan and it contains no soya, preservatives or additives.

Nutrition facts in 100g:

Calories: 706,7kj
Total fat: 6,2g
- saturated fat: 0,48g
Cholesterol: 11,4g
- sugar: 0,23g
Fibre: 1,6g
Protein: 15g
Salt: 2,1g


Wheat, oats.

Expiration date:

180 days