Pea Meat Vegli ®

Vegan Grill Pea Meat Vegli

//  NETTO WEIGHT: 180 g


Drinking water, textured pea protein, cooking oil, thickener: (modified potato starch, methylcellulose), table salt, spices colouring: beetroot extract, natural aromas.
The product may contain traces of gluten!


Store refrigerated at 0-5 ° C. Consume within 5 days of opening!

Proposal preparation:

Braise them in a pan on a spoonful of oil for 2-3 minutes or just dip it in boiling water for a minute or two to the required temperature.

Our product is vegan and it contains no soya, preservatives or additives.

Nutrition facts in 100g:

Calories: 698kj
Total fat: 9,1g
- saturated fat: 1,2g
Cholesterol: 15,2g
- sugar: 0,5g
fiber: 3,4g
Protein: 4,2g
Salt: 2,2g


The product may contain traces of gluten!

Expiration date:

180 dasy.